Monday, July 19, 2010

Sudan embassy in Washington agrees....

....with me. Not sure how I should feel, but:

"In response [to the op-ed] the Sudanese Embassy in Washington said that the suggestion that the United States offer one-year suspensions of International Criminal Court arrest warrants, "simply proves Sudan’s point: that this court is a perversion of justice and a mere political tool to accomplish political ends. For how else could the United States exert any influence on a court that it doesn’t even recognize?""
Sudan Tribune

Also in the news today,

"The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) today blamed the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) for the delay in completing the border demarcation process, a crucial step in the run-up to the South Sudan referendum scheduled for January 2011."
It would be really interesting if the NCP had only come out with this statement after reading the NY Times Op-Ed piece, claiming that:

"The ruling National Congress Party has stalled on virtually every pertinent part of the peace agreement, and the national and local elections in April — which most international observers agree were stained by fraud — are a foreboding precedent," Sudan Tribune

"Err, we're not stalling, your the one whose totally stalling. We can't wait for the referendum" - NCP

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