Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Starknaked Redemption/ Escape from Akobo-Naked/ The Nude Escape

So I was in Akobo last week and had some adventures. This was one of them as told to a friend of mine in the US. The format might appear a bit weird but it was a simple copy and paste from our skype conversation.

"Ok......so it was a beautiful sunny afternoon in the town of Akobo
the birds were singing, and the kids were laughing
There was a gentle breeze that swept the landscape intermittently touching the ground surface like a skipping stone
I was sat with some guys who work in the other organisations that were operating in Akobo. Working hard, there was a silent atmosphere where all that could be heard is the concentration of each individual focus on their task at hand
then, all of a sudden there was a single sound of a pop that rang across the lands.
It broke the concentration and possessed everyone's attention
they all looked up like meerkats keeping look-out, as if they were waiting for something more
Just like that, the sound returned more rapidly, accompanied by a similar yet distinctly different sound
By that point everyone knew what it was
..........gun shots
2 rifles

We got up from our seats a ran towards the river, we ran towards where the noise was coming from.
As we approached the location, i looked in the opposite direction to see a mass body of small children from our neighbouring orphanage running away.....running away from the shots.
By the time we had reached the river bank, the shooting had stopped
All that was left, was two naked bodies emerging out of the water on the opposite side of the river
Two men, running for their lives towards the Ethiopian border
They had escaped
I asked the youth leader who was by my side at the time what had happened
He explained to me that the two prisoners were taken to the river to bathe
They had then taken advantage of the situation, dived deep into the water and swam across it to escape
They had succeeded.......nakedly."

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  1. The bare naked facts!
    I like how their escape from prison was accompanied by the shedding of their clothes, and baptism in a river..
    sounds like some kind of Gnostic metaphor