Monday, July 26, 2010

John: are you a 1-trick pony??

The one thing I love more than reading news articles and blog posts is reading the comments left by angry readers. I love internet commentary, people are always so angry and hateful. I assume that this is due to the fact that they are less inhibited due to the fact that they are protected by anonymity. If any of you have read the comments section on almost any Sudan Tribune article, you will know exactly what I mean.
John Prendergrast has posted another article about US policy failings on Sudan and blah blah blah.... You can really read the whiny tone of his writing in this one. However, scroll down to the comments section and you will see some criticism against Prendergrast written by one Ibrahim Adam, who attacks Prendergrast amongst other writers for their scaremongering. Its written very well, much better than my description of Prendergrast which would have simply consisted of using a 6 letter word starting with W and ending with a lot of tissue paper being used to wipe the computer monitor and keyboard clean.

Anyways, to Ibrahim Adams......Respect.

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