Thursday, February 16, 2012

UNDP International Fitness Instructor

At the aid coordination meeting...

Ok, I know Im slow to the trigger on this one....and I know I haven't posted much of recent days....but here goes:

Well it seems that having paid R&R every 6 weeks was just not enough.......
Life in Juba has been so depressing and stressful for UNDP staff that management has had to adopt Corporate Japan style mandatory daily exercises, to secure the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff so that they can keep doing what they do best......nothing.
I mean, I assume it is going to be mandatory and that they aren't just going to hire some overpaid westerner to stand around the UNDP compound flexing his muscles peddling fitness to the especially lazy staff members who couldn't be bothered to get involved in the hundred different activities that are already available (most often for free) in Juba, including:

Group runs, rock climbing (indoor & outdoor), ultimate frisbee, various martial arts, gym, swimming, touch rugby, football, squash, tennis, kayaking/canoeing, salsa dancing, bull running, motorcycle racing, pool, gambling (casino), eating, drinking, table tennis. 

Im pretty sure that those staff members who aren't getting enough exercise aren't necessarily just waiting for the facilities/activities/service to become available. They are just a bunch of lazy bastards who aren't going to exercise anyways.

Like a self-fulling prophecy, I think maybe if UNDP staff are not constantly reminded, through their hazard pay, of the hazardous and stressful nature of the environment they are working in then they won't feel so stressed? 

To be honest, I was probably the most fit while I was living in Juba as a result of the multitude of fun activities available. I learnt Capoeira there for god's sake.....and that was alongside UNDP staff, so this apparent problem is definitely not widespread. I would have loved to see the thought process that led to this brilliant waste of funds. I would also love to see who they end up hiring....."please say it's Blackwater fitness trainers, please say it's Blackwater fitness trainers"


  1. UNDP South Sudan clarifies that the fitness instructor consultancy is not funded by UNDP or donor funds. This is a staff-led initiative, through the Staff Association and Wellbeing Office, to arrange health and wellness initiatives in a post-crisis environment in which few counseling and social support services are available.Samer Abu Hawilih, Head of Procurement, UNDP South Sudan

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