Friday, December 16, 2011

Ostriches and Sufis in Sudan

I was recently sent this most interesting link of a video of a Sufi Tariqa (order) in Sudan performing a ritual ceremony......with ostriches?!
Further research led to the photograph above from a Foreign Policy collection of photos of Sudan as a whole released just before the South's independence. There are references to ostriches in a bunch of articles, but nothing that actually explains the significance of ostriches to their ceremonies. Just references to the creature in metaphorical a

I consulted my Sufi expert (because all the cool kids have one of those), who has spent some time with this Tariqa in Sudan but he was unsure of it himself. I then tried to consult my ostrich expert, but he had his head in the ground (ba-dum-tiss)

If anyone out there has some answers and would like to enlighten me, I would be very grateful.

H/T: Harith Ramli 

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  1. its called bidah in Quran.They are a bunch of heathens claiming to be muslims.It is known that the ostrich is an unclean bird therefore the sufi's are unclean in their practices.