Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stuff that could only happen to a new country.....

From Sudan Tribune:

South Sudanese students in India have been unable to renew their passports since the country became independent leaving many stranded, students say.

South Sudanese students, received scholarships from the then government of southern Sudan during the CPA’s interim period (July 2005 – July 2011) to India, used the Sudanese passport. Following South Sudan’s declaration of independence, the students claim that Sudanese embassy is declining to renew expired passports.
“South Sudan[ese] students are frustrated in India...., now stranded and deeply confused,” the students’ letter says.

The students urge South Sudanese authorities to speed up the establishment of the diplomatic mission in Delhi in order to help in this situation adding “something has to be done. We can’t just be like this.”

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  1. Expensive undertaking this state building. They have only got half a dozen missions in Africa and a couple in Europe and North America. New Delhi has no doubt rocketed up the mission establishment priority list.