Friday, August 12, 2011

This is not a circus.....


My name is Douglas Lyon.

I work for Japanese television. ( I am however based in Paris, France).

Permit me to use this Google group for my research : I wanted to ask your
guidance... ( and by the way, if you have alreade received this yesterday,
please forgive me... I have never used Google Groups before... )

I currently have a project to visit South Sudan, at the end of this month,
to film for a Japanese television show.

I am looking for something "wild and crazy", or exotique, or funny... This
is for a comedy show, but we want people to be aware of the birth of the
worlds newest independant nation... So the idea is to go to South Sudan,
and do... Something ... "For the first time ever in South Sudan".

I was hoping to find something particular to South Sudan, unusual, or exotic
that cannot be found elsewhere perhaps ? Or some kind of adventure that our
two comedians can experience ? I was thinking about traditional
wrestling... Or attending a wedding of two women, or something...

I was hoping you all might be so kind as to recommend some ideas ? What do
foreigners like to see or do when they visit South Sudan ?

Can you help me ? We would greatly appreciate any ideas or suggestions you
might have...

Thank you in advance, and

best wishes,

Douglas E. Lyon
Excelman Productions
67, rue Traversiere
75012 Paris, France
Mobile : (+33) 6-0742-7838
e-mail :

......So fuck off....


  1. Go and visit a Dinka cattle camp in lakes state. I am pretty sure you've never seen anything like that before.

    Good luck!

    Meja(south sudanese).

  2. err.....Just so we are clear, I am not condoning this guy's request. I think it is ridiculous.

  3. The request is a little bizarre (in a uniquely Iron Chef meets Michel Foucault way) and ridiculous considering the situation and all. But Meja was right, I've never seen anything like the Dinka cattle camp before.