Thursday, July 7, 2011

Waltz With Bashir

Only 2 days to go before I start to really struggle to fill in the “current location” part of any form on the Internet and I am way to excited to be writing blog posts. So Im just gonna try summarise lots of issues into this one post:
- Last night at 10 pm the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan was passed. Only 10 out of the many potential amendments were passed thus leaving the President with an excessive amount of power. I believe President Salva Kiir is now Commander in Chief of all animals and is also able to resurrect the dead. The fact that some of the suggest amendments were made to the draft is a good sign that the process has a lot of potential. Also, this is just an interim constitution, so hopefully things will play out better the next time around. More coverage on this once I get a hold of the complete version.

- Some of my favourite number crunching nerds have come together to write an interesting post on the economic prospects of South Sudan. Im pretty sure almost all of my readers got here through Roving Bandit anyways so I won’t get into it, but I would like to point out that they failed to mention anything about security... So I will be going to break all of their abacuses to remind them about the effects of violence on economists…I mean economics.

- Juba is going through some CRAZY transformations in preparation for this Saturday. For example, when I first moved here, we used to have to drive past a roundabout that was demarcated using a tyre that would always get stolen and then replaced with some other object. That tyre is now a huge concrete roundabout with grass flourishing in the middle of it and tarmacked roads leading up to it from every direction. Roads which now have lanes drawn on it and street signs to manage it. Also, did anybody say proper pistachio ice cream? OH YEEEEEAAH.

- There has been rumours flying around about apparent government representatives from certain countries that refused to come celebrate the birth of this new country simply because President Bashir will be attending (its not cool to hang with people who have ICC warrants). Now of course these are just rumours, but if it is true all I have to say is suck it up you self-righteous little bitch*. July 9th isn’t about you, the ICC, or Bashir. It is about South Sudan’s birthday; and it will invite its long time villain if it wants to, invite its long time villain if it wants to. I personally have incredible respect for South Sudan for inviting Bashir despite their obviously murderous history. So if the victims of Bashir’s aggression can be big enough to have him present, the rest of you need to stop being such wankers* and respect their decision. Plus, so what if you don’t come? You player haters are the ones who are going to miss out on Bashir’s dictator dance:

OH, and all you countries better recognise yo......seriously-literally, please dont be a dick and not recognise South Sudan.

* The swear words found here are dedicated to Abhi, who thinks my blog has become better now that I don’t swear as much……fuck you Abhi….fuck you.

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