Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That MLK quote

Im sure by now you have seen THAT MLK quote appearing somewhere on your twitter thing and your facebook newsfeed. Oh how the kids love it. Its like Michael Jackson's death all over again......

Anyways, you may also have been hearing that the quote is actually a fake.
Well, as it turns out, it was neither. It was just a bunch of overly excited re-posters playing a global electronic game of 'chinese whispers'. How in the world people can fail at copy and pasting is beyond me, but apparently the whole thing started with this one facebook status. Note the beginning of the quotation marks. Also note the commenters trying to out do each other in the level of self-loving smugness*

So there you have it.....mystery solved, now you can all go back to posting about the more mundane aspects of your lives while I go back to facestalking your girlfriend.......and mother.

*By this comment I have been promoted to the smug lord

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