Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Satellite Sentinel Striptease

Are you bored of only being able to only indulge in outdated conflict porn? Are you like me and only enjoy the youngest and freshest of conflicts? Because the fact of the matter is that its not really voyeurism if its not live…..

Well then put away those photos of blown up little children from the 2003 Iraq War, because now, thanks to the Satellite Sentinel Project, you can get the latest in human carnage. Satellite Sentinel Project brings you up to date satellite images of the latest in bloody conflict.

Sounds promising right? Well, just like any other type of porn, the marketing is always a great exaggeration of the the product.

This is what you get:

I find the tire tracks of light armoured vehicles as sexy as the next guy would, but seriously? What a cock-tease……..

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