Monday, August 2, 2010

The future of Homosexuals in South Sudan

"It is not in our character [...] it is not there and if anybody wants to import it to Sudan [...] it will always be condemned by everybody."

That was Salva Kiir on a radio interview with 'Radio Netherlands Worldwide'. The page doesn't provide the full transcript of the interview, which only leaves me to wonder as to how the interview reached the topic of homosexuality. Maybe they were discussing their favourite youtube video and 'Eat da poo poo' was mentioned.
So much for a country being born out of the promise of an end to the persecution and discrimination of minorities.

Good thing Roving Bandit got out before they started lynching him.

P.s. Sorry, Ive just come back from the field and am very disorientated. I will try to post some slightly more intelligent and mature (not that type of mature) content soon

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