Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Im Back....

I realise I haven't posted in a while, and that is because unlike these other bloggers, I have actual work to do. I mean did you see this post at Aidwatch? They had to shut down their entire operation because they decided to do a bit of work. While the rest of us are juggling to do both.....sigh*.

Anyways, Im sort of still recovering, both mentally and physically, so bear with me.

I did bring you back some goodies from my field trip to Akobo though....

Looks like your average oldschool radio right? Wrong! This badass little music machine also accepts USB flashdrives as well as SD cards.
Now this may not be a surprise to some of you, but I had not seen this before and it excited me in ways........
This is one thing I love about developing countries. In the developed world, where most technological innovations were made, the products have to be marketed in a flashy, shiny and high end way to make it appealing to a constantly bored market. Whereas for the developing world, the technologies have already been developed, so all they have to do is pick and choose which technology is practically relevant and market it in that way. They get to skip that bullshit "it came from the future so lets stretch this out over many many products" stage (am I still making sense?)
As a result, developing countries are able to be just as up to date with technology without the ridiculous costs.

Also, the wide availability of mobile phones with camera means that now its not just the white guy that gets to have a 'cultural safari' with the local community, but the community is now able to photograph the white guy as some exotic animal that has lost its way.

Hey, look at that. I still managed a rant. Looks like Im not too exhausted to be a dick.

A going away joke from the Lou-Nuer: A Murle cattle raider in Khartoum sees a Holstein-Freisian cow and tries to steal it......
HAHAHA get it?

*Oh and don't you try jumping on this boat with me Roving Bandit, all you do is copy and paste......and Im talking about your day job...ZING!

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