Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Abyei Peace Agreement

Khartoum and the SPLM have finally both signed an agreement that should bring an end to violence in Abyei. Now this is not the final solution to the dispute over Abyei, rather, it will simply provide a better environment for the dispute to be resolved as both parties agree to:

  • Respect the Abyei Protocol of the CPA; and
  • Consider any other proposal from the African Union High Level Implementation Panel on Sudan (AUHIP) to resolve the disputes.

Other highlights include:


Abyei will now be governed by an executive administration and an executive council

The Administration will consist of:

- The Chief Administrator (SPLM)

- The Deputy Chief Administrator (GoS)

- Five heads of Departments (3 SPLM & 2 GoS)

The Council will, just as it was in the earlier Abyei Protocol, a 20 member council chaired by GoS. The Council will draw up Abyei’s budget and both parties will finance it.


Abyei will be demilitarized with the exception of the deployment of an armoured brigade of Ethiopian soldiers to act as the new Interim Security Force for Abyei (ISFA). They are mandated to monitor the agreement, provide security to Abyei, its citizens and its borders, build the capacity of the to be formed Abyei Police Service and facilitate humanitarian assistance.

Humanitarian Assistance

IDPs have the right to return and both parties shall facilitate the return of IDPs. Humanitarian agencies also have the right to return….


The nomadic communities continue to have freedom of movement to access pasture and water. They will however be accompanied by a special unit of the Abyei Police Service.

Fantastic..... now lets resolve South Kordofan.

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