Saturday, November 26, 2011

A word from our sponsors.....

Street fundraiser: Excuse me sir, can I just borrow a few minutes of your time

You: Errr, well Im actually in quite a hurry but if you do insist on blocking my path like that, I guess I do have some time for you.....

Street fundraiser: Excellent..... So I work for organisation X and I am out here to collect donations for some of our projects. Have you heard of our organisation.

You: Yes, I have heard of your organisation

Street fundraiser: Oh, fantastic. What do you know about our organisation and its work?

You: Well, your project in country X is very much ineffective as it is outdated and not really in line with the aid strategy of the rest of the country. The local community are often angry with the way you interact with them......Oh and I'm pretty sure your finance director there is a drunk. 

Street fundraiser: ......errr, so I'm guessing you don't want to give us a donation today?

You: No thank you. 

"Have you ever had to endure through this scenario? Tired of having to point out the fact that you are an actual aid worker and therefore better than these street urchins? Sick of always wasting time stopping to point out the fact that you are better than them as opposed to just storming past them like a normal human being?"

"Well we have the solution for you! The Aid worker badge:

"So the next time you're back home for R&R and wandering the developed streets, wear this badge and let the world know that you are too important to be bothered. This badge will help make yourself stand out from the crowd of selfish decadent private sector workers, impress the public and get you laid"

DISCLAIMER: These badges are not designed for use by UN workers. They already make enough money and are smug enough as it is. They are the 1%

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